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Child Pornography Lawyer Lake County

In the state of Illinois, it is illegal to distribute, make, or sell explicit or sexual images of individuals who are under the age of 18. Minors are protected by special laws designed to help discourage the creation and possession of child pornography, and the state is one of the more stringent when it comes to punishments for offenders of these laws. Some criminals can even find themselves facing many decades spent in prison in addition to an array of costly fines. If you are facing charges relating to child pornography, you should reach out to an experienced attorney today.

At Stone & Associates, we understand just how overwhelming these charges can be. Our attorneys have decades of experience in criminal law and are ready to fight to ensure that your rights are upheld throughout the legal process.

Child Pornography and the Law in Illinois
As briefly mentioned above, child pornography laws are designed to help protect children from the horrors of molestation, rape, and other physical and sexual offenses. With that in mind, it makes sense that the state of Illinois takes serious action against those who break them. It is not only the individuals involved in distributing or creating child pornography who find themselves in trouble, however, but also anyone who pressures a child into participating as well as those who allow children to participation in the creation of child pornography while under their care.

It should be noted that child pornography can encompass additional medias than photographs. It also includes any media that depicts minors participating in sexual acts or nude, including video. If the media involves children under the age of 13, it might be subject to aggravated child pornography laws. This carries harsher punishments than other types of child pornography offenses.

Child Pornography Convictions and Your Life
Individuals who are found guilty of sexual offenses committed against children face serious charges that can have a lasting impact upon their lives. This includes things like felony charges, probation, permanent sex offender registration in Illinois, significant prison time, up to $100,000 of fines, and community services. The punishments faced often vary depending upon the crime in question as well as the individual’s criminal history. Repeat offenders are likely to receive harsher punishments than first offenders, for example, however that is not to say that harsh penalties are not a possibility for these individuals. They absolutely are.

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