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Illinois Drug Crime Attorneys

Drug Crimes Lawyers in Lake County, IL – serving Waukegan and the surrounding towns and areas. Providing Legal Counsel for Those Arrested for Possession, Manufacturing, Distribution or Trafficking

If you have been charged with any drug crime, it is crucial that you consult with the Illinois drug crime attorneys at Stone & Associates. We work hard to aggressively protect and defend your legal and civil rights. Whether you have been arrested for drug manufacturing, drug possession, drug selling, drug trafficking or drug possession with intent to deliver, the penalties you may face can be severe. We work hard to protect your legal rights and have the charges against you dismissed or reduced. From minor possession offenses to serious meth manufacturing charges we understand the seriousness of all drug crimes in Illinois and the penalties that may be associated with these allegations.

As a top criminal defense law firm in Illinois, Stone & Associates has a proven track record and the knowledge and experience necessary to protect our clients from harsh drug crime consequences. Our Illinois defense lawyers have obtained positive outcomes for mnay of our clients. We provide the best defense possible.  Contact us immediately so that we can begin working on an effective drug crimedefense on your behalf.

Illinois Drug Crime Lawyers

Illinois and federal drug laws give prosecutors and law enforcement great power. When you need a Illinois drug crime defense attorney to help you defend your freedom from serious drug charges, our legal professionals offer unparalleled legal guidance, advocacy and representation.

Our Top Rated Drug Crime Attorneys Can Help You Answer These Questions.

  • Can I keep a drug charge off of my child’s record?
  • Does a drug conviction mean that I will serve jail time?
  • Will a drug crime conviction affect my record?
  • Can the police search my person, home or vehicle?
  • I had drugs for my personal use, but the police say I was intending to distribute – what are the consequences?
  • What should I do if law enforcement finds drugs in  my vehicle?
  • Will my driver’s license be affected by a drug conviction?

We can give you answers to these common questions and many more. If you are under investigation, or charged with a drug crime you may feel like you have run out of options. WE CAN HELP!

We can help you with:

  • Drug Manufacturing / Cultivation
  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Sales / Trafficking / Smuggling


By hiring Stone & Associates, you are sending a message to the district attorney or federal prosecutor. A quality defense isn’t free, but don’t assume that it’s out of your reach. We can work with families to arrange flexible payment options so they can afford the skilled representation to keep their loved ones out of jail.

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