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Should I Refuse Or Submit To A Breathalyzer?

A drunk driving arrest does not mean that a conviction is automatic. However, you still need to take the matter seriously. Time is of the essence in contacting veteran criminal defense lawyer Jed Stone.

Dedication, Diligence And Attention To Detail

The founder of Stone & Associates is not quick to plead guilty and move on to the next case. He attends to every detail in building strong and compelling DUI defenses. He focuses his efforts on examining the evidence against you and the procedures used by law enforcement.

Investigating the initial traffic stop is an important step as it triggers sobriety and breath testing prior to an arrest. Portable breathalyzers require calibration. The police officers must have adequate training and possess experience in test administration.

The Need For Skilled Representation When The Stakes Are High

Disputing breathalyzer test results is extremely challenging, yet important in bringing issues to the forefront. Due diligence in all aspects of a DUI case is paramount. Errors occur that can create reasonable doubt. Mistakes that could mean the difference between a conviction and a dismissal or acquittal.

The penalties involved in a drunk driving conviction go beyond fines and jail time. The loss of your license affects your personal and professional life. A criminal record follows you as you apply for jobs or pursue educational opportunities.

Take Action To Protect Your Rights

Arrested for drunk driving in Waukegan, Lake Forest or Northern Illinois? Take immediate action and contact an attorney at Stone & Associates for a free consultation, by calling 847.336.7888. You can also reach us through our online intake form.

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