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Top Illinois Felony DUI Defense Attorney

Receiving any kind of DUI (driving under the influence) charge is a serious affair that can result in consequences that impact your life in a big way. With that said, perhaps the direst of DUI charges is the felony DUI. It is important to keep in mind that felony charges are hugely different than misdemeanor charges in both severity and duration. That means that a felony DUI conviction is far more likely to leave you with time behind bars than a misdemeanor charge, and could also cost you quite a bit of money in fines as well as see you lose your driver’s license.

At Stone and Associates, we understand that driving is an important part of clients’ daily lives, and so is their freedom. That is why we advise you to hire an experienced attorney immediately upon discovering you are facing a felony DUI charge. Seeking out an attorney could be the single greatest factor that determines the kind of consequences you face. Stone and Associates is proud to offer our clients attorneys with extensive knowledge and practical experience in defending against these kinds of charges. We will work hard to ensure that you receive the best outcome possible.

Felony DUI Consequences

After all of the talk above, you might be wondering exactly what kind of punishment you can expect to receive for a felony DUI conviction. While the exact consequences depend widely upon the court, the circumstances regarding your case, and your attorney, there are some general guidelines to know. A felony DUI, also known as an aggravated DUI, conviction can result in mandatory jail or prison time, the suspension of your license, and fines that reach well into five figures. The following are some of the circumstances that might be considered felony DUIs in Illinois:

  • The DUI offense in question comes after two prior DUI convictions (regardless of the time between offenses)
  • The DUI includes a driver whose license was already revoked or suspended
  • The driver facing the DUI charge had an expired license or had no liability insurance
  • The DUI charge includes an accident that caused death or great bodily harm to a person other than the driver
  • There was a passenger under 16 years of age in the vehicle
  • The driver has a prior conviction for reckless driving

Any of the above can result in you receiving a felony DUI

If you are facing a felony DUI charge, it is imperative that you reach out to experienced attorneys as quickly as possible. At Stone and Associates, we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to your defense. We understand how to handle your case and present it in the best possible light, and will fight to ensure your rights are upheld.

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