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Professional License Defense Lawyer

Charges Of Professional Misconduct Must Be Taken Very Seriously

As a licensed professional, you depend on your license and your reputation to earn a living. Any allegations or investigations that represent a threat to your continued licensure or your good name must be dealt with promptly but properly.

Stone & Associates represents lawyers before the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) and represents physicians and other professionals before their respective state licensing boards. Based in Waukegan, we serve professionals in Lake County and surrounding counties of Northern Illinois.

Defending Illinois Professionals In Disciplinary Proceedings

We represent other attorneys, doctors, nurses, dentists, psychologists, therapists, social workers, private investigators and other individuals who are subject to the ARDC or the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. We realize that a public reprimand, suspension of your license, or other adverse action will result in a permanent black mark on your record and could jeopardize everything you have worked for.

We emphasize front-end intervention at the first hint of an investigation. In some cases we can convince the board not to proceed with disciplinary proceedings, or negotiate alternatives short of suspending their license to practice. If there is no opportunity to avert formal proceedings, we will represent our client before the board to respond to the allegations.

You Cannot Afford To “Wait And See”

It is unlikely that an accusation of criminal activity or professional misconduct will simply go away. It is crucial to get legal advice immediately before speaking to investigators or members of the licensing board. Our experienced professional license defense attorneys will guide you through an adversarial process and fight for your livelihood.

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