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415 Washington Street, Suite 107, Waukegan, Illinois 60085

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Renowned Criminal Defense Attorney Serves Waukegan and Lake County, IL

Now helping you establish a legal medical marijuana enterprise

Residents of Waukegan and greater Lake County have looked to Stone & Associates for reliable and effective legal counsel since 1977. We provide hope for those who don’t know where to turn. Although many people believe they can’t afford any representation except a free public defender, we work with their families to offer flexible payment options, giving their loved ones a chance to prove their innocence. Prison is awful. Our goal is to keep you or someone you care about out of it and free.

Providing a strong defense for any criminal charges

When you hire Stone & Associates as your criminal law firm, you pick one of the county’s most respected firms. Our reputation for helping clients no matter what they’re charged with is based on our attorney’s almost four decades of advocating for Lake County residents. By hiring us, you’re sending the district attorney and prosecutors a message. Local Illinois residents and court personnel know us for:

  • Commitment to justice — We work tirelessly to get you results for your criminal law matter. And we have tried many death penalty cases successfully. 
  • Accessibility — Attorney Jeb Stone makes daily rounds at the local jails to consult with our clients.
  • Flexible payment plans and a free initial consultation — Excellent legal representation isn’t free, and we understand that you probably are worried about the cost. Not only do we offer a free initial consultation, but we also offer a payment plan for those who need one. 
  • Experience and results — Of course, every client’s situation is different. And while we can’t promise a particular result, we nevertheless have a passion for what we do and want the most successful outcome.

If you have been charged with something that you find embarrassing or difficult to discuss, you can count on us to treat you with respect and to focus on the best solution.

Offering criminal defense for drug charges and other crimes

Many former clients tell us that they owe their freedom to criminal defense lawyer Stone. Our steadfast fight to keep you from going to jail gives you an extra edge against the prosecution.

With almost 40 years of legal experience in Waukegan, there is little that attorney Stone and our legal team haven’t provided — or won’t provide — a defense for. Every week we speak with clients about the entire gamut of charges, including most commonly:

  • Murder and homicide
  • Manslaughter and vehicular manslaughter
  • Assault and battery
  • Sex crimes
  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Child endangerment
  • Enticement of a child
  • Drunk driving violations and DUIs
  • Arson
  • Traffic violations
  • Weapons charges
  • Identify theft
  • Fraud
  • Theft and burglary
  • Internet crimes
  • Immigration-related charges
  • Drugs and related charges
  • Juvenile charges
  • Expungements


And no matter the circumstances, we don’t judge you. Instead, we look for options in your best interests. 

Opportunities with the new medical marijuana law

Lake County residents have trusted Mr. Stone with their criminal defense needs since 1977. Now, we are also offering administrative legal services for parties interested in Illinois’ new medical marijuana marketplace. We provide help to set up medical marijuana-related businesses and help you navigate the newly established system. To do this, we offer:

  • Licensing for growers and dispensaries Targeted information for medical marijuana
    • Business formation  Establishing an LLC and negotiating contracts and agreements
    • Tax and financial planning — Managing the finances for a business to be successful
    • Real estate concerns — Negotiating and signing leases and handling municipal, county or state ordinances
    • Creating solutions to unexpected concerns — When you’re launching a new venture and something comes up
  • Guidance for patients needing medical marijuana What you need from your physician and what you need to know to purchase it (We also offer counsel if you are ever denied a purchase.)

We focus on the legal and administrative details for you, so you can concentrate on product development, sales or other aspects of your new business.

Call a Lake County attorney who cares about your future

When you need a strong legal defense or want advice on how to start your new medical marijuana business, our team at Stone & Associates provides advocacy and information. We offer flexible hours and payment schedules. Call us 24/7 at 847.440.5934 or contact us online to get started on building your defense or business.