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Compassionate Representation And Proven Results

Getting arrested can be a terrifying experience. You worry both about losing your freedom and the future consequences of a criminal record. A smart first step is to contact Stone & Associates of Waukegan, Illinois. Criminal defense lawyer Jed Stone has been defending individuals in Lake County and Northern Illinois since 1977. His reputation for positive outcomes is built on successful strategies, a deep familiarity with the local justice system and the simple premise of taking the time to get to know clients and listen to them.

Full-Service Defense Team

Our attorney, Jed Stone, has more than 40 years of criminal defense experience. We are equipped for serious felony crimes such as first-degree murder, but we welcome the entire gamut of charges and related matters of criminal law:

We Work Hard To Keep You Out Of Jail

We understand how awful prison is because we visit clients there on a daily basis. We know how impacts families and communities. Our goal is the same as yours, and we are passionate about it: to protect you from spending time behind bars. To help clients avoid jail, we:

  • Look at your circumstances — How you were arrested can be a factor in court.

  • Examine the evidence — Most judges and juries base their decisions on the physical and circumstantial evidence.

  • Conduct an independent investigation — Your freedom depends on the case we build. We present an alibi, physical evidence or witness testimony as part of your defense.

  • Remain accessible — We make ourselves available to you and your loved ones. We have a 24-hour hotline, and we personally visit our clients who are behind bars and waiting for a trial.

Most importantly, we provide experience and strength in courtroom proceedings and negotiations with the prosecuting attorney.

Advice You Can Count On From The First Call

If you have been arrested, we advise you above all else to call a criminal defense attorney before you give a statement to the police. Stone & Associates offers a free initial consultation, so there is no cost or obligation to consult our legal team. Without an attorney present when police question you, you may provide evidence to the prosecution without even knowing it. Having experienced counsel from the beginning improves the chances of avoiding a conviction later in your case.

Call us 24 hours at 847-336-7888 for immediate assistance or contact us online to learn more. We provide a free, confidential consultation and offer reasonable rates and payment plans based on individual circumstances.

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