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Keeping The Police In Check And Upholding The Rule Of Law

When the officers who are supposed to “protect and serve” deliver violence and harassment, it is a violation of your civil rights and an affront to the whole community. The best way to blow the whistle on police misconduct is to talk with a lawyer who can assert your rights.

At Stone & Associates, we respect law enforcement and the dangerous and important job they do, but we are not intimidated by those who abuse their power and hide behind their badges. Through civil lawsuits, our Waukegan law firm has held law enforcement officers and police departments accountable for police brutality, racial profiling, false imprisonment and other acts and patterns of misconduct.

Proven Representation In Police Misconduct Litigation

From nearly 40 years of practice in criminal law, attorney Jed Stone is intimately familiar with the constitutional rights of suspects and what law enforcement personnel can and cannot do. When the conduct of police officers, correctional officers and prosecutors crosses that line, we will aggressively pursue your remedies under the law, including compensation for medical care, lasting injury, pain and suffering, or infliction of humiliation and emotional distress.

Mr. Stone recovered the largest award in the history of the Northern District of Illinois in a federal lawsuit on behalf of a client who was shot in the leg while in handcuffs. We can examine the circumstances of your case to determine if you have grounds to sue for:

  • Excessive force (batons, Tasers, pepper spray, K-9, etc.)

  • Unjustified use of deadly force

  • False imprisonment/false arrest

  • Withholding medical attention

  • Violation of jail conditions

  • Malicious prosecution

We understand that justice is measured in different ways. Aside from monetary damages, you may seek to have the officer disciplined, a change in department policies or simply a public acknowledgement that you were wronged or that you did nothing wrong.

Free Consultation And Case Evaluation

Our experienced police misconduct attorneys can act as your voice in holding police accountable for your mistreatment. Call Stone & Associates at 847-336-7888 or contact us online to discuss your situation in a confidential consultation. We serve Lake County and northern Illinois.

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