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Homicide is one of the most serious crimes with which a person can be charged. It carries a severe penalty, as do other felonies, such as assault and weapons charges.

Penalties for these crimes are severe, and the sentences can range from 20 years to life. In some cases a defendant may even face the death penalty. Felony defendants need a formidable advocate in their corner. They find such an advocate in Stone & Associates.

We are intimately familiar with the workings of the judicial system and have the knowledge and means to navigate it successfully, challenging prosecutors at every turn. Our experience in DNA cases is extensive and has helped our clients get not-guilty verdicts and conviction reversals in homicide and rape cases.

Jed Stone’s homicide defenses have earned him a national reputation. A book, Victims of Justice, Revisited, was written about one of his cases, People v. Rolando Cruz. His work has even helped to establish important case law involving discovery, DNA testing, entrapment and evidence of a defendant’s emotional state-of-mind. He is a staunch opponent of the death penalty and has handled numerous death penalty appeals. Jed’s tenacious defense of clients has even led him to the U.S. Supreme Court.



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