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Criminal Defense Lawyers

Nothing is scarier and more demoralizing than being charged with a crime. An arrest is embarrassing. The thought of going to jail or prison is terrifying. A criminal record will haunt you for years to come.

At Stone & Associates, we care about what happens to you — and we have the demonstrated ability to improve your outcome and protect your future. Our tested courtroom lawyers welcome the most challenging cases, providing a smart and spirited defense to contest serious charges or limit the consequences.

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Fully Committed To Your Cause

Our Waukegan criminal defense attorneys step in to make sure you do not say or sign anything that might work against you later. Over the coming months, we will get to know you and guide you through each stage and each decision in this intimidating process. Everything we do is solely to advance your best interests.

We hate prison and what it does to individuals and their families. Where other lawyers automatically seeking a plea deal, we probe the prosecution’s case for weaknesses and thoroughly prepare for court. No matter how serious the charges or how bad things seem, we will work hard to achieve the best possible result.

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Decades Of Experience In Local Courts

Jed Stone has been defending the accused in Lake County and northern Illinois since 1977. He is nationally recognized for his results in high-stakes criminal cases, including more than 135 people charged with first-degree murder. Mr. Stone leads a talented and dedicated legal team that welcomes all criminal charges from DUI and drug crimes to sex offenses and major felonies.




Call Attorneys Who Care About Your Future

By hiring Stone & Associates, you are sending a message to the district attorney or federal prosecutor. A quality defense isn’t free, but don’t assume that it’s out of your reach. We can work with families to arrange flexible payment options so they can afford the skilled representation to keep their loved ones out of jail.

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