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Waukegan Underage DUI Defense Lawyer

DUI charges are no laughing matter, and this is especially true when the offender is underage. You might think that they would be more likely to receive leniency given their age, however that is not at all the case. In fact, punishments for underage offenders can seem even worse than they would for adults given their impact upon the individual’s life. Underage individuals are likely still in school, for example, and should be spending time planning for their future. If they face an underage DUI conviction, however, instead they could be looking at a criminal record and heavy fines. They might even lose their ability to drive for the foreseeable future.

Is your underage daughter or son facing DUI charges? Stone and Associates can help! Our attorneys are experienced with helping clients of all ages, and understand how this situation might affect your family as well as your child. We will work hard to make sure that you receive the best outcome possible.

Underage DUI Defense

When you are facing a DUI, you might wonder what kind of information the prosecution will be able to utilize. The answer is that they can use all sorts of things to help prove that you are guilty. This includes things like blood tests, sobriety tests, breath tests, and even prior issues with alcohol or drugs. Stone and Associates, then, places an emphasis upon locating this information and building a strong defense against it. That includes addressing things like BAC levels and the results of any tests you might have taken, focusing attention upon any errors made by law enforcement during the process, and even the restoration of your driving privileges.

You might think that there is no point in hiring a lawyer for an underage DUI, but the fact of the matter is that a conviction at any age can impact you for the rest of your life. Hiring an attorney now can help keep your record clean and help you maintain your ability to drive.

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